Jessica's Story

Jessica studied makeup application for photography, magazine editorial spreads, film and TV, fashion, and bridal at the prestigious Cosmix School of Makuep Artistry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she studied under award winning makeup artist Erin Koplow and celebrity makeup artist Victoria Duke.  Jessica is an expert in airbrush makeup for all types of events.  These include weddings, fashion shows, music videos, media production, makeup for film and TV, special effects, body painting and more!  Jessica currently works as a full-time freelance professional makeup artist based out of Indianapolis, IN.

"I have been an artist my whole life.  I have always loved drawing, painting, sculpting, creating art out of anything I could find, especially recyclables and of course, hair and makeup.  Going to college with a focus in art was always what I wanted to do.  After completing one year at the University of Southern Indiana, I realized I was not fulfilled.  Graphic Design was not for me, I knew I did not want to be an art teacher and I did not want to make art to sell it as my career.  After much deliberation, I decided to leave college to attend makeup school.  To this day I have zero regrets.  I followed my heart and am completely satisfied with my decision.  Doing art on a human canvas is a beautiful thing.  To say I love being a professional makeup artist would be an understatement."

…What inspires me?

"Earth, space, animals, nature, the human body, people in public, architecture, history, television, trash, culture, work by other artists, myself… Anything or anyone that catches my eye, makes me look twice, or makes me think and wonder is what inspires me the most."